ArcheAge queues are really long

I guess that’s to be expected with an MMO which only just released.

Did you go boom again?

((No, I didn’t explode again. (Would it even be possible to explode twice?) I just haven’t been feeling up for rping, so I haven’t really been on here.

Well, except on one of my sideblogs, because I’ve been playing pokemon again.))

Good night everypony

Dave Chappelle called it back in 2003 »

Obama is Sephiroth?

ask-nightmare-moon-and-nyx replied to your post: Good evening everypony

hello i haven’t talked with you for days… i thought something bad happend…

Sorry, I haven’t been on much. For the last month or so I’ve mostly been studying for those exams and before that I haven’t really felt like rping for a while. (Which, knowing me, exams and RP is probably a good thing.)

Good evening everypony

((I’m finally done retaking exams I failed))

Good night everypony

mythic-swirl replied to your post: The “house” I’ve been building in mine…

Oh, is their a specific modpack for the server?

Yes, right now it’s running Resonant Rise, which you can get through the AT Launcher.

The “house” I’ve been building in minecraft.

It still needs some work, but I gotta figure out how many floors to give the tower.

I should have like 1 for every magic mod on the server, but maybe I’ll put blood magic in an underground dungeon.

Next to it is my new greenhouse.

ask-the-season-ponies replied to your post: ask-the-season-ponies said:Who’s …

*Autumn laughs* Summer says, “It’s our job to know everypony’s name so when we need help to change the seasons, we can ask for help easily.” Spring laughs and says, “We were asking to see if any colt thinks your as amazing as you are.”

"Oh uhm… I see… Well, I’m not really into colts all that much…" the filly blushes "Not usually at least…"